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February 19, 2013
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Commission Information [CLOSED] by Ruolina Commission Information [CLOSED] by Ruolina
SALE! I have slashed my prices as maybe they were a little too much. But hey! If you use Dollars or any other currency, please use the new prices onto a converter to show you how it is in your currency. Bear in mind, please send it to me in "GBP" Thanks!

Welcome to my Commission Information! (>'u')>

If you have anything to ask, feel free to ask! ^-^

I hope you will find this easy to understand and follow. It feels so great to actually be able to do real open commissions! You will always be given the high resolution picture, as the one I will upload to my Deviantart will be re-sized and will contain a small watermark. (All "$ - Dollar" prizes have been approximately made via a currency converter; they are only for preview of how much your paying.)

What I will Draw/Won't Draw
- I actually find limitations to be rather annoying, and it's not fun for you either. I will draw whatever I feel comfortable with, and that being said I will only draw what I feel I have the skill to do. When you note me, we can discuss this and I will give you my verdict whether I can do it or not. c:

How to Order
I would like you to Note me, so that I am able to track it. I will also discuss my details of my paypal with you and everything else.

Please note me with either of the following below:
- Reference of your Character etc. (I'd prefer an image, but if you do not have one, you can use written description. But make it as basic as possible as I find really poetic English hard to read or at least hard to understand.)
- What style you want? (Sketches/Bust/Full Body/Full Illustration etc)
- Anything else you wish to add, such as any specific canvas dimensions.

I will send a preview sketch to you when I have done it to show you whether it is what you want and that I have got it correct. However, remember I do have the right to refuse a commission if I feel uncomfortable making it, and negative forceful demands will not be tolerated and I will not accept your commission.

When will I finish?
It depends on what is asked, or how complex the drawings take. But on average 1 week. If for any reason it has been longer than that, I will note you with an explanation, and if I am UNABLE to do it, then I will give a full refund. (Not that, that should happen though)

How to Pay -Paypal Only
- Please send the money to me in 'GBP – British Pound Sterling' There is a way to change the currency to GBP rather than Dollars, by a scroll option
- I'll only begin the commission when I receive payment.
- Please only pay me when I have accepted the commission.

Oh, and please bear in mind there is a Difference between GBP and Euros, so PLEASE DO NOT SEND IT IN EUROS or DOLLARS.


I have seen many artists go through situations of their paypal being mucked up by a refund, or bad commissioners and all that confusion, I really do not want to go through it all. So, given the situation I will not refund your commission. You will always receive constant updates of how my progress is and everything. I am very easy to contact. However, I will ONLY refund if something happens and therefore I am unable to complete your commission. If you send payment to me, it is final and you give your full trust in me as an Artist to complete it. ONLY commission me if you truly want something from me.
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Tcrumpen Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
You really have a talent for this, i am amazed :)
Ruolina Mar 9, 2013  Student General Artist
;w; Thankyou so much tom! (>'u')>
blazer70 Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Good set up dear.
Ruolina Feb 19, 2013  Student General Artist
blazer70 Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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